Fresh-flo has two transport aerators to choose from: model TT is a 12-volt used for fish transport and model DT is ⅙ hp. used for raceways, small tanks, and transport.

Model TT Transport Aerator

Model TT Transport Aerator
<span style=color 000000>Model TT Transport Aerator<span>

Fresh-flo’s model TT is designed for use in fresh water or salt water and can be found on transport trucks in every state! Whether you haul fish for long distances or short, it provides positive aeration to make sure your fish arrive at their destination lively and healthy. It is the best transport aerator on the market today!

The 12-volt motor is incredibly dependable and designed for long-life use on your transport tank in any kind of weather. This motor is built exclusively for Fresh-flo and has gone through an extensive testing program to be sure it meets our exact standards. Used by many tank designers and manufacturers, the aerator comes with a 24” power cord to operate from the truck’s electrical system.

Developed for transport tanks with 100 to 400 gallon capacity, the model TT can also be placed between two compartments to aerate both. Model TT comes with a standard pump capacity of 75 gallons per minute. For smaller fish, we can provide the model TT with a 45 GPM capacity.

The model TT can be ordered with various length tubes which all feature a protective bottom screen. For deep tanks, Fresh-flo can lengthen the aerator for better water turnover. Can also be ordered with optional smaller approximate ⅛" mesh screen.

Model DT Transport Aerator

Model DT Transport Freshwater Aerator
<span style=color 000000>Model DT Transport Freshwater Aerator<span>
Model DT Transport Saltwater Aerator
<span style=color 000000>Model DT Transport Saltwater Aerator<span>

Fresh-flo’s model DT is designed for use in raceways, recirculating systems, small tanks, and in transport tanks where electric power is available. When used on a truck, the aerator is adapted to operate from a generator. You will find Model DT to be an excellent source of aeration. It is used by many tank designers and manufacturers and is found on transport tanks throughout the country.

Model DT operates with a ⅙ hp. motor at 115 gallons per minute pump capacity. This aerator is small enough to fit in many systems and dependable enough to last for years of trouble free operation.

Fresh-flo Model DT can be used in fresh water (aerator on left above) or saltwater (aerator on right above). For the salt water aerator, we install a motor that has a thicker case specially coated for salt water and is part of a line of severe duty motors. Can also be ordered with optional smaller approximate ⅛" mesh screen.

* Different tube and shaft lengths available to meet special requirements.
** Slots 3” down from top of tube. Slot placement can be engineered on all models to meet special requirements. Consult Fresh-flo for prices on custom orders.

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