Fresh-flo manufactures three pond aerators: model AE which is ⅓ hp with a 225 gallons/minute capacity, model BE which is ½ hp. with a 340 gallons/minute capacity, and model BTE which is 1 hp. with 550 gallons/minute capacity.

A healthy body of water needs the proper amount of oxygen - too little oxygen will cause fish kill and too much oxygen will stimulate algae and weed growth. With Fresh-flo’s aerators, you can assist nature in the regulation of oxygen. If you need to keep a body of water open during the winter, Fresh-flo’s pond aerators can also do that. We have many years of experience in keeping water open during the coldest winters.

Aerator In Acton

Since 1958, Fresh-flo aerators have been used to restore adequate oxygen, reduce water temperature, dislodge obnoxious gases, dissolve organic wastes, and prevent freeze-out in large and small bodies of water. The Fresh-flo process is positive, practical, efficient, and designed to be virtually maintenance free.

Aeration Process Increases Oxygen

Fresh-flo’s line of aerators features a patented aeration process which is the most efficient way to increase oxygen levels for healthy fish. A propeller-type impeller Aeration Process Increases Oxygendraws water inside the aerator and initiates tremendous centrifugal force. The water is passed, under high pressure, through the slots on the aerator which stand above the water line. Sheets of water are sandwiched with open air, the air is sucked between the sheets, the oxygen is added and the obnoxious gases are eliminated. The newly aerated surface water is distributed in a continuous circulation process. In freezing weather, the aerator acts to keep an open water area which in turn enables nature’s own process to also function. Our aerators are proven durable and dependable. We can provide an aeration system to suit every need.


Features of Fresh-flo Pond Aerators


Wattsaver Motor
All Fresh-flo pond aerators are equipped with weatherproof Wattsaver energy efficient motors. These motors operate at greatly reduced amperages resulting in electricity cost savings. All motors are 60 hz, 115/230 volt, single phase.

Mounting Collar
To facilitate easy installation on a pipe which is driven into the bottom of the pond, every aerator has an adjustable mounting collar. This also allows for the aerator to tilt on a swivel clamp for ease of cleaning.

Mounting Collar

Steel Tubes
To prevent corrosion, the steel tubes on Fresh-flo pond aerators are powder coated after fabrication.

Steel Tubes
To prevent corrosion, the steel tubes on Fresh-flo pond aerators are powder coated after fabrication.

The rod-type intake screen at the base of the tube protects the aerator from sticks, leaves, and other foreign matter.

Inside the tube of the aerator, water expulsion fins increase the rate of output which helps reduce back pressure and helps eliminate clogging of the outlet slots.

Pond Aerators

Benefits of Pond and Lake Aeration

There are many benefits of using aerators including:

Fish Farmers
        - increases fish production
        - reduces fish losses
        - improves growth rate

Lake Property Owners
        - keeps water open
        - prevents winter-kill

Waterfowl and Hunting Preserves
        - keeps feeding areas open

Fish Hatcheries
        - keeps fish alive and healthy during shipping

Industrial and Commercial Ponds and Golf Courses
        - keeps ponds healthy

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