<strong><span style=color 000000>MAG Fish Grader<span><strong>

Fresh-flo manufactures manual adjustable fish graders that save time and are easy to use. Their sturdy aluminum design features tubes that are manually adjustable. No more need to change baskets, racks, or remove bars for different size fish. These graders can be carried to any body of

fresh or salt water and they float which eliminates the need to hold the grader and a net full of fish at the same time. Fresh-flo manufactures their graders, as with all products, with durability and dependability.

<strong><span style=color 000000>Super MAG Fish Grader<span><strong>

Reduced Gill Damage

The larger bar sizes of our graders allow fish to pass through easily and quickly with little chance of gill damage.

Grader Size Options

Fresh-flo's fish graders come in two sizes: MAG grader has a standard grading range of ¼” to 1-⅛” with 30 divisions and two smaller, optional grading ranges with 20 or 30 divisions; and the the Super MAG has 50 divisions that range from 532" to 1-⅜”.

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